Somewhere between Comrie and Crieff, Scotland.

First there was a forest. The same forest I have taken pictures of so many times this year. This time there were very little trees with leaves and I couldn’t see the deer. Saw a Pheasant though, and a Robin, and a Woodpecker. A Peregrine Falcon sat on a cairn on a side of a Highland road and a poor Owl that wasn’t very lucky and I would have preferred seen it in another circumstances. All I could photograph was him.

And then, there was a forest in the water. Quiet


I always think of Winter as the end of a cycle. I like observing nature, I like when in Winter everything seems to be dead. I love when in Spring everything seems to reborn. The evolution of the colours, the behaviour of the animals.

I guess that’s why I always ponder about my year by this time, I establish new goals, congratulate myself for the achievements, re-adjust my plans if I have failed.



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